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Ips IdsSentinel IPS believes IDS shouldn’t be that challenging. Unfortunately, with most systems, intruder detection and prevention comes at a high price usually being at the expense of your time. If you’ve found your current IDS system to be anything but friendly, we invite you to take a look at Sentinel IPS.

Are you currently managing your IPS and IDS at the cost of countless hours spent monitoring and managing threats? Sentinel IPS has designed and created a system that does the work for you, so you can make the most of your time without having to worry about updating the system, managing threats, monitoring activity and dealing with those annoying false positives.

How is it possible? Sentinel IPS is the only intruder protection system using Network Cloaking. Just as the name indicates, Sentinel’s cloaking makes your network invisible to malicious users, so they can’t find you to target you. Network Cloaking takes place without interrupting access for your legitimate users and is accomplished by combining blacklisting of malicious networks with blocking of the rogue packets directed toward Sentinel devices.

Sentinel IPS uses innovative CINS (Collective Intelligence Network Security) to gather data, significantly improving the security of their clients’ networks as well as providing valuable information to the InfoSec community. CINS identifies malicious IP addresses and blocks them immediately, providing a higher level of protection to clients from some of the worst culprits on the Internet.

IPS and IDS are extremely powerful tools for ID-ing and mitigating attacks of all types and levels of threat. If you’ve been using an intrusion detection and prevention system for any length of time, you’re probably well-aware of how much time and effort they take on the part of the client to ensure they are working at peak efficiency. With Sentinel IPS, that’s all in the past because their system does it all. They’ll manage the signatures, software updates, upgrades, monitoring and mitigating false positives in the event that one should happen to occur.

As a Sentinel IPS client’s you’ll be provided with a modern, powerful and intuitive web-based interface that will allow you to manage your device’s blocked networks, edit configurations and make use of reporting on activity. Best of all, there is no contract to sign and no equipment costs to pay; in fact, you can cancel your service with Sentinel IPS at any time.

It all starts by signing up for a free Trial and Network Gateway Assessment for immediate access to the system. It takes less than 5 minutes to install and configure the system; once done, your Sentinel system will begin collecting data at once, providing you with immediate access to the interface to check out the activity.

Get Sentinel IPS’s unique IDS that will change the way you manage your network’s security forever. Spend more of your time doing what you do best and let Sentinel IPS take care of the rest. Sign up for your Free Trial on the home page of sentinelips.com’s website and discover what you’ve been missing. Ips Ids

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