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Sentinel Outpost

See the bad guys coming a mile away.

Improved Network Performance

Autonomous Threat Defense

We don’t replace your firewall – we just make it better. With Outpost, you’ll notice that your firewall is performing more efficiently. Sentinel Outpost can reduce the firewall’s workload up to 70 percent by preemptively dropping malicious traffic and stopping both inbound and outbound threats in their tracks, and alerting you when critical events occur. Sentinel plugs in to your existing infrastructure, dramatically improving your security posture while still playing nice with your other devices. Everybody wins, but the hackers.

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Your perimeter security guard

Threat Intelligence Gateway

Outpost is an inline bridge device that continuously patrols the network edge to deflect inbound exploitation attempts and attacker reconnaissance before they ever get to your firewall or public infrastructure. Sentinel’s proprietary Network Cloaking™ makes your network completely invisible to these threats, and our Threat Intelligence Gateway, powered by CINS Active Threat Intelligence, ensures that if there’s an emerging threat brewing, the Sentinel has probably seen it coming and has already been configured to shut it down.

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The Inside Track on Malware and
Infected Machines on the LAN.

Sentinel Internal Intelligence

Every day, every hour, hackers are looking for holes in your network — an open window where malware can sneak in, undetected. Sentinel Internal Intelligence gives you the detailed LAN visibility to make sure everything is locked up tight.

If attackers are already in, they won’t stay hidden for long. Sentinel quickly identifies infected devices, then automatically prevents those compromised computers from beaconing outbound to malware, ransomware or adware command and control servers. So, even if an employee clicked on an attachment in a phishing email, Sentinel can provide a last line of defense. Sentinel events can even shine a light on system flaws and misconfigurations.

Our support team also works with you to configure additional visibility for East/West traffic, customized for your internal systems and fine-tuned to provide only the information you want to see, when you want to see it.


How does Internal Intelligence fit in?

The Window to Your World.

Sentinel HQ

Multiple Sentinel installations? An MSP with multiple customers running Sentinel-protected networks? If you want to take a quick look at what’s going on with your Sentinel network, no problem.  Sentinel HQ is our equivalent of mission control; a single pane of glass that gives you a comprehensive view of every device in both your internal and external Sentinel networks.

Review your critical alerts and notifications, sync configuration settings across multiple Sentinels, create and manage Threat Intelligence fees, review open tickets and issues … It’s all here in one place.

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It's like adding to your security team, without adding overhead.

Sentinel Security Operations

With Sentinel, you don’t just get a comprehensive network security solution, but a team of seasoned security experts looking out for you—monitoring critical alerts, researching new threats, and troubleshooting issues, 24/7, 365 days a year. When you need support, there’s a real, live person waiting to help, anytime, day or night. When you don’t, you can rest assured that there’s an extra set of eyes watching over your network.

So, you can get back to all of the other things on your to-do list, and maybe even sleep a little better at night. That’s easier to do when someone has your back. And we do.

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A complete network-based protection and visibility solution

Sentinel on the Network

Sentinel Outpost is deployed as an edge protection device, and the Internal Intelligence unit provides visibility on the inside of the network. Vulnerability scanning is provided for both the external and internal networks. Sentinel HQ ties everything together, and our Security Operations team provides support whenever you need it.

Sentinel Network Diagram

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