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Thank you sir for your company’s outstanding support! – Network Administrator for a large county in Texas

Our story.

Based in Dallas, Texas, Sentinel IPS began life as EcoNet.com, a web development firm founded at the dawn of the World Wide Web in 1995. By the early 2000s, we’d become successful resellers of various network security products, and began to develop our first Intrusion Prevention System.

Since 2004, we’ve continued to expand our products’ functionality and visibility, installing Sentinel units all over the world with Fortune 100 firms, government and municipal agencies, financial institutions, and a diverse list of small businesses. Our current IPS/IDS solution – Sentinel 4 – was initially released in 2012, and continues to evolve rapidly through innovative new features, software updates, and device upgrades.

Our Leadership

David Lissberger
David LissbergerChief Executive Officer
Ted Gruenloh
Ted GruenlohChief Operating Officer
Chris Gathright
Chris GathrightChief Technology Officer
Bob Sherer
Bob ShererChief Customer Officer