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Go, Team!

(This is our CINS Army Brief for January 2020. Learn more and subscribe here.)

The culmination of practiced plans, spectacular performance, and expensive cost.

Super Bowl? Nah, I’m talking cyber-attacks, with ransomware and phishing taking centerstage at the halftime show.

Just as football teams adopt a new play as their opponent picks up on their strategy, so should we modify our security procedures to fight the ever-refined and increasingly sophisticated cyber-attacks.

Gather the IT Team and Go!

  • Ransomware Situation Goes From Bad to Worse
    One of the first 2020 preview-type articles, with Ransomware front-and-center.
  • What are “Reasonable Security Procedures” under the CA Consumer Privacy Act?
    The CCPA is getting a lot of buzz, and is another good example of where Privacy and Security intersect.
  • Malware report shows Christmas decline but Emotet retains top threat title
    We’ve seen an uptick here – keep your users vigilant, for sure.
  • New Ryuk Info Stealer Targets Government and Military Secrets
    What’s old is new again!
  • Is Your Security Strategy Dumbing Down Your Smart Factory?
    Standards and frameworks can help you bring your infrastructure security into the 21st century.
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