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It’s IPS on steroids. – An Industry Analyst

In today’s environment, network security is a shared responsibility.

For us, this means your business’s network has the right to be secure from external threats. We believe it is the responsibility of all of us – vendors, customers, network administrators … everyone – to work together to make sure we protect that right. It is why we do what we do. This belief is also rooted in an understanding that what can harm you can in turn harm others.

This perspective has driven the evolution of our company from the original Sentinel IPS, through our pioneering Rogue Packet and Network Cloaking methodologies, and to our expansion in to CINS active threat intelligence and our Internal Intelligence unit.

How can I help?

Obviously there are countless sources for network security information on the Internet, but the key is to find ways to make it easier for everyone to share valuable information and threat intelligence. For example, we provide information back to the community through Collective Intelligence Network Security (or, as we like to call it, CINS), and we use this threat intelligence every day on our own Sentinel IPS units.

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