Get Visibility into Your Network Security with Sentinel IPS

A unique and affordable, fully managed intrusion detection and prevention system for your network with our internal intelligence hardware and one of the best support teams in the business.

I just set it and forget it. No worries. DFW Law Firm IT Manager

More than Managed Intrusion Prevention.

Managed IPS and more

Comprehensive visibility with fully managed IPS and IDS solutions, Internal Intelligence, and vulnerability scanning. And with our legendary personal support, it’s like having another set of eyes looking out for you 24/7.

Forget what you know about IPS.

What makes us different

We do things differently, providing next-generation managed security with Network Cloaking, our proprietary CINS active threat intelligence, and world-class personal support.

Why do we do the voodoo that we do?

Why we do it

Our belief is simple: You have the right to be secure. Our singular focus is protecting that right. In today’s environment, network security is a shared responsibility. We want you to be a part of what we’re doing, too.

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