You are a Quickbooks savant, but much more. You can how to fix problems, even when others “don’t get it.” you want to make a difference and have your contributions recognized. You’re tired of being a cog in the gears of a machine headed in a direction that is uninteresting or perhaps objectionable. You need to work with a group of people dedicated to a greater good. If this sounds like you, we need your help.

We are a small but growing company in Richardson, TX and we need someone to “own” our invoicing tasks, accounting operations, and office management. Take a leadership (vs. management) role in the design of processes that will support the next step in the evolution of our company. Start cheap (not too cheap), work hard, and prove yourself. Earn the respect and admiration of your colleagues, and you will never have to ask for a raise. Create a career that matters.

Please, apply only if you have significant experience in financial operations, are self-directed, and enjoy a multi-tasking environment. All contacts will be kept confidential and you should be able to pass a background check if offered a position.

To submit yourself for consideration, please email your resume and qualifications to [email protected]

Network and Security

Sentinel IPS is looking for someone excited to help shape the next generation of our network security offering. This person will wear many hats, is willing to learn new skills and must have the ability to interface with customers and adeptly handle customer requests.We’re looking for someone focused on cybersecurity, with a solid understanding of networking, systems and programming. Please see the details below.


  • Experience with implementation of IPS tools like Snort or Suricata, and supporting tech like Barnyard, Snorby, etc.
  • Familiarity with penetration testing tools such as Metasploit, Nessus, and Burpsuite
  • Understand and write customized rules for IPS tools
  • Comfortable with pcaps, tcpdump, WireShark, etc.
  • Experience with Network Security Monitoring (NSM) tools like Bro, etc.
  • Reverse engineering of malware
Networking, Systems, and Development

  • Comfortable with programming and scripting, particularly Python and shell
  • Experience with BSD and Linux systems, particularly their networking and firewall applications, i.e., iptables, pf, and ipfw
  • Understanding of complex redundant networks, such as MPLS and BGP
  • Bonus Skills
  • Exposure to 10 Gbps+ network implementation
  • Exposure to IPv6
  • Experience with cloud-based hosting solutions, like designing networks on AWS, Google Cloud, or Azure
Job Type: Full-time

Required experience: IPS/IDS, malware analysis, and/or ethical hacking: 2 years

To submit yourself for consideration, please email your resume and qualifications to [email protected]