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Sentinel is a great device to protect your network from malware and mouse click happy users. Customer service is great. It has saved my company a few times from Ransomware and saving the company money. – IT Director for a Financial Institution.

Do you have 30 minutes to invest in strengthening your network security?

We want you to see for yourself the magnitude of malicious activity that exists on the Internet, and how much of that activity makes it to your network’s doorstep. It also gives us a chance to identify that pesky malware lurking on your network. In fact, as part of our continuing mission to end network intrusions, we think you need to know this stuff. That is what our Network Gateway Assessment is for.

So how do we do this?

Request a free, no-obligation demonstration with one of our senior security engineers to learn what the Sentinel IPS device can do and how it better protects your network.

During the demo, you’ll also learn more about our proprietary Collective Intelligence Network Security (CINS) offering. It’s a living breathing threat intelligence tool in action. CINS analyzes threat intelligence from all our Sentinels in the field to provide the most current reputation-based security information to safeguard your network.

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