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Managed Intrusion Detection

Sentinel IPS knows you’re looking for a better managed intrusion detection system than what you’re currently using. For this reason, their experts have designed an innovative intrusion protection system that does all the legwork, so you won’t be tied to managing every aspect of maintenance.

Intrusion detection is a daunting task. We invite you to take a closer look at how Sentinel IPS can help protect your network from malware, ransomware and network attacks in a way that was never possible before. If you’re tired of learning the latest rulesets, managing software updates, non-stop monitoring and dealing with false positives, you’re going to love what you hear next.

Sentinel IPS offers their clients much more than just a managed IPS; Network Cloaking makes it possible to maintain complete invisibility with regard to malicious users, while ensuring your legitimate users have uninterrupted access. No other managed intrusion detection system offers Network Cloaking- and you should never be without it. Give your customers the extra layer of protection they deserve by partnering with IT professionals from Sentinel IPS.

Now you can gain total visibility into your security vulnerabilities on both the inside and outside of your network with a fully-managed intrusion detection and prevention system that offers 100% peace of mind, so you can have more time to do what you do best. The Internal Intelligence unit built into the Sentinel IPS security device provides you with fast ID into compromised equipment on the network, along with the ability to create alerts and perform regular scans for vulnerability.

Sentinel IPS knows that identifying and fixing system vulnerabilities is the most effective way to prevent your network from becoming compromised. The Sentinel system makes use of the Internal Intelligence hardware to perform timely and deep-reaching scans for internal and external networks.

Partnered with CINS Active Threat Intelligence, Sentinel IPS offers superior threat intelligence as an added layer of protection no other managed intrusion detection system offers. Learn more about CINS by clicking on the CINS Army link at the top of the website. The CINS Army efforts work to defend your networks while empowering users to contribute to the security of others. As a community effort, CINS Army is dedicated to defending every client’s right to be secure.

Ready to get started? Try out Sentinel IPS for free by filling out the brief Trial & Network Gateway Assessment form to get visibility across your entire network, inside and out. If you’re curious about taking a closer look at the malicious activity taking place on the Internet, and in seeing just how much of that activity is making its way to your network’s door, sign up for an absolutely free trial.

Install the Sentinel IPS managed intrusion detection system on your network’s gateway- it takes all of 5 minutes- and immediately see information on attacks, hacks and other malicious traffic. View reports and summaries as they’re happening or let the system send you timely email alerts. We’re convinced, one look and you’ll be convinced, Sentinel IPS is the most powerful tool on the market today for protecting your network.

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