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Managed IdsLooking for a managed IDS system that is more powerful than anything else on the market? You’re going to love Sentinel IPS. While intrusion detection is never simple, partnering with the right network detection system can make management and maintenance easy. Sentinel IPS has created a system that identifies and mitigates a wide range of malware, ransomware and attacks to better protect you and your customers’ networks.

Are you tired of having to continuously monitor and update your current IDS? Sentinel IPS understands the most common complaints users have with regard to their intrusion detection and prevention systems, which is why they’ve designed a tool that does all the work for you. Managing your IDS has never been this easy.

Managed Intrusion Prevention from Sentinel IPS is much more than just managed IPS. Their system offers Network Cloaking for absolute invisibility to malicious users without disrupting access of your legitimate users. In fact, Sentinel IPS is the only system offering Network Cloaking- something you simply cannot afford to be without. Invisibility is accomplished through a unique combination of blacklisting of malicious networks and blocking ‘rogue packets’ that are directed toward the Sentinel unit.

Better visibility inside of your network is also managed using Sentinel IPS. Being able to identify the threats to your network is essential in protecting your customers. Sentinel IPS allows you 24/7 management and monitoring to ensure you’re covered from the inside out.

Worried that the Sentinel IPS installation will be a headache? The fact is that it couldn’t be easier. Installation and configuration takes less than 5 minutes, so there’s minimal downtime, no delays and no complicated configurations for you to deal with. Sentinel’s pros will be with you every step of the way. The system will begin collecting data the moment it’s installed, so you can log in to the interface to find out what’s taking place in real-time.

Get started with a 14-day free trial to find out what Sentinel’s managed IDS can do for you. Get total visibility across the inside and outside of your network now. Sign up for your free Network Gateway Assessment to see first-hand just how seep-seated the malicious activity is that’s taking place in the Internet, and discover how much of that activity is being directed to your network.

Signing up for a free trial is the best way to allow Sentinel IPS’ experts to identify malware that is currently on your network. It also gives you the ability to try out the system and compare it with what you’re currently using. We think you’ll find it to be superior to any other managed IDS on the market today.

Try out Sentinel IPS at no cost whatsoever and get managed intrusion detection and prevention that goes above and beyond anything you’ve seen before. If you’d like to find out more about Sentinel IPS, feel free to use the resources available on the website to get more informed. Managed Ids

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