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“It’s intelligence driven in a different way.” – Vice President of a Bank in Ohio

Get visibility into security vulnerabilities across your network, inside and out.

Managed IPS & IDS Monitoring

IPS and IDS monitoring and management can be overwhelming. Our fully managed intrusion prevention system gives you the peace of mind to concentrate on everything else your job demands. Simply put, we get the job done.

Internal Intelligence

Both a Sentinel IDS and scanning tool, the Internal Intelligence unit is the perfect compliment to a Sentinel IPS device. It allows you to easily identify compromised equipment on the network, correlate alerts with your Sentinel IPS, and perform regular vulnerability scans.

Vulnerability Scanning

Identifying and fixing system vulnerabilities is the most effective way to prevent malware and ransomware infections and other hacks. We perform Qualys vulnerability scans for both internal and external networks.

Iron-clad devices for IPS monitoring.

Rackmount IPS and IDS Monitoring Solutions

There are three options for monitoring intrusion detection and prevention, and each receives the same level of personal, professional service and support. Each one runs on a 1U Dell server, with our own hardened operating system. The Premium unit comes standard with gigabit NICs. The Advanced unit adds a blazing-fast Interface Masters bypass card that allows the unit to fail-to-wire. The Advanced unit is perfect for environments where reliable Internet connectivity is the foremost concern.

IPS Monitoring Devices for Retail and Small Offices

We call it the Site Minder or Store Minder. You’ll call it a life-saver. Perfect for multiple satellite locations that require their own independent managed IPS or IDS solution, we offer this small, flexible form factor in the same Premium and Advanced configurations as its big brother. Naturally, it’s also backed by our stand-out support, includes 24/7 monitoring and management, and runs the same Sentinel operating system with Network Cloaking and CINS active threat intelligence.

Virtual Instead of Physical

The Sentinel is also available as a virtual appliance. We currently have a VMWare instance, and we should have the Sentinel available in the Amazon AWS Marketplace soon. Need another flavor of VM? Contact us. We’d be happy to work with you.

24/7 management, monitoring and support.

Intrusion Detection or Prevention Systems (IDS/IPS) are very effective tools for identifying and mitigating a wide variety of attacks, from basic scans and probes to trojans and malware infections. But traditional IPS devices are difficult at best to manage and maintain: keeping up with the latest signature sets, making sure the software is up to date, monitoring devices, and managing the false positives … It can be overwhelming, especially given everything else your job requires.

That’s where we come in. We do the job so you don’t have to. We manage the signatures, software updates, upgrades, and monitoring of the system, 24/7. In the rare cases where it’s an issue, we work with you to mitigate the false positives and make sure they don’t happen again. We also provide you with a modern, powerful, and intuitive web-based user interface so you can manage the unit’s blocked networks, edit its configuration, and utilize its extensive activity and compliance reporting.

An affordable, flexible solution with no contract term.

It couldn’t be any easier. There are no equipment costs, no annual contracts or commitments to sign, and you can cancel anytime. You get everything –including use of the Sentinel device, our stellar support, and monitoring services – for a simple monthly fee. Couple that with our free Network Gateway Assessment that kicks the whole process off, and there is no better value in network security.

Easy to install.

Installation and configuration take less than five minutes, and you’re up and running. And, we’re with you every step of the way. Minimal downtime, no delays, no complicated configurations to worry about. The Sentinel immediately starts collecting data, and you can instantly log in to the web-based interface to see what’s happening. It is installed as a Layer 2 bridge, behind your network’s router, and in front of your current firewall. The only requirement is a publicly routable IP address, so authorized remote users can access the web-based interface and our management network can monitor and update the unit as necessary.