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“It’s mere presence thwarts attackers looking for an easy target.” – IT Manager for a city in Alabama

The only IPS with Network Cloaking.

Our IPS simply makes your network invisible to malicious users – whether their traffic is malicious or not – while legitimate users enjoy uninterrupted access. We call this ‘Network Cloaking,’ and no other IPS has it.

CINS Active Threat Intelligence: Strength in numbers.

We harness threat intelligence derived from our Sentinel units deployed around the world to identify and preemptively block malicious networks before they even get a chance to probe your network. Combined with trusted sources from the network security community, this threat intelligence is put in to action on each Sentinel to form another layer of protection unmatched in the industry. It’s living, breathing, active threat intelligence you can’t get anywhere else.

Unrelenting Customer Support, by humans for humans.

Sentinel Managed IPS Support

This is Bob, our Chief Customer Officer. His team is here for you, whenever you need them.

Our support team is the heart of our business. It’s truly what makes us different.We ensure that each Sentinel is up to date with the latest signatures and software updates, and monitor each unit’s health, 24 hours a day. We can answer any question you may have about the alerts that occur on your network. If your network has an issue – even if it’s not related to the Sentinel – we’ll call you. We’re there to help you troubleshoot network issues, and if anything is wrong with the Sentinel, we make it right.

Real people that really care about you and your network. You simply won’t get this level of personal support from anyone else.