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Sentinel is a great device to protect your network from malware and mouse click happy users. Customer service is great. It has saved my company a few times from Ransomware and saving the company money.  IT Director for a Financial Institution.

Get visibility across your entire network,
inside and out.

Managed IPS and IDS

Managed IPS
and IDS

Properly managing an IPS is overwhelming. Our fully managed Intrusion Prevention Systems give you the peace of mind to concentrate on everything else your job demands of you. Simply put, we do the job so you don’t have to.

Sentinel Internal Intelligence


Both a Sentinel and scanning tool, the Internal Intelligence Unit is the perfect compliment to a Sentinel IPS, helping you easily identify compromised machines on the LAN.

Qualys Scanning


Identifying and fixing system vulnerabilities is simply the most effective way to prevent malware infections and hacks. We perform Qualys vulnerability scans for both internal and external networks.

Wait. So what, exactly, is a "Network Gateway Assessment"?

We want you to see for yourself the magnitude of malicious activity that exists on the Internet, and how much of that activity makes it to your network's doorstep. It also gives us a chance to identify that pesky malware lurking on your network. In fact, as part of our continuing mission to end network intrusions, we think you need to know this stuff. That is what our Network Gateway Assessment is for.

So how do we do this?

First, you install our Sentinel IPS on your network's gateway. This process is completed in less than five minutes, and requires no other changes to your network. Once it is installed, the Sentinel IPS begins logging information about attacks, hacks, and other malicious traffic. You can view reports and attack summaries in real-time, and configure the unit to send you email alerts.

Then, we will run a mapping scan on your network, for free. Our support team will be ready to answer any questions you may have about the results of the scan.

Finally, after a period of seven to 14 days, we take the time to review the data gathered by the Sentinel IPS with you. There is no obligation to buy anything; just clear, concise data showing you exactly who is knocking on your network's door.

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