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The CINS Army Brief

Named after our Threat Intelligence community feed at – Collective Intelligence Network Security, or CINS – it’s our monthly round-up of cybersecurity news and analysis.

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Beat the Heat

By Ted on Jun 29, 2021

Beat the Heat

(This is our CINS Army Brief for June 2021. Learn more and subscribe here.) You know when you get in the car that’s been sitting outside in the heat of summer and your leg touches the seat belt? Burned, you get burned, son. Not only are… Read More

Don't Be Fooled

By Ted on Mar 29, 2021

Don't Be Fooled

(This is our CINS Army Brief for March 2021. Learn more and subscribe here.) The dark web is big business, with sophisticated marketplaces and a mature corporate structure. Ransomware continues to evolve, and security strategies and tools constantly adapt to match. Don’t be fooled by the… Read More

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