David Lissberger

Chief Executive Officer

David A. Lissberger - Founder and CEO

David A. Lissberger, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, has worked in the technology and network security industry for more than 20 years. David’s vision began as EcoNet, LLC., grew into Sentinel IPS after many years of refining the software, processes and applications that David and his team use to serve customers today. David’s driving philosophy behind Sentinel IPS and everything they do is simple: you have the right to be secure.

David relies on his vast industry knowledge and experience to provide his customers with what he believes is fundamental: the right to be secure. David earned his Bachelor of Science in Agricultural Engineering from Texas A&M University and later earned his MBA in international marketing and finance from Southern Methodist University in Dallas.

Aside from his passion for network security, David also enjoys having the opportunity to make a difference for others in need through participation in Angel Flight South Central, where he uses his aviation experience to help patients in distant cities receive the medical treatment they wouldn’t have access to otherwise.