Dave Plzak

Dave Plzak - Information Security Expert

Dave Plzak is the security expert that all companies wish they had in-house. Fortunately for our customers, he chose Sentinel IPS. As a Security Evangelist, Dave is focused on using his expertise to provide customers and friends with new, innovative ways to protect their digital data and assets.

With a CISSP certification and 30 years of Information Security experience in a variety of industries – particulary local government – Dave’s expertise is critical in helping Sentinel’s prospects & customers identify, manage, and prevent new attacks and vulnerabilities.

How did you end up at Sentinel IPS? I was previously a Sentinel customer and felt the product was the best solution for the best price of all the sets of security devices I had purchased. Upon retiring from my CSO position, I worked with the Sentinel team and we came to an agreement on how I could be a part of their team. I now work for one of the nicest, most conscientious companies in the security realm.