The CINS Army List Is Changing Today

Since 2012 (before Threat Intelligence was cool) we've published a public list of malicious IP addresses for the community. It goes by many names: CINS Army, CI Army, CINS ... In any case, over 10,000 users (these days those 'users' are automated tools, scripts, and open source projects) now download the list regularly, for use in their firewalls, IPSes, SEIMs, and other network security tools. And today, the list is getting a bit of a facelift. Up until today, [...]

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Apache Struts Vulnerabilities Are Nothing New

With news breaking on the use of an Apache Struts vulnerability in the recent Equifax breach, we thought we'd shed some light on Struts exploits from our perspective. First and foremost: Our customers should know that no Sentinel appliances or servers within the Sentinel infrastructure are affected by these vulnerabilities. And, more importantly, our customers' networks have been protected against these Struts exploits since they were made public. Struts vulnerabilities are nothing new - we've been witnessing Struts-related exploits [...]

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